Wedding Styling at Stones of the Yarra Valley

When my florist approached me some time ago and asked if I could style her wedding, and told me it was to be at Stones of the Yarra Valley, I was completely in!
Since starting event styling and coming across this spectacular venue, it was a quiet dream of mine to work there! Yes, dreams do come true!
The bride, was very meticulous in what she wanted and where she wanted it. She had given me floor plans and scale drawings of what goes where…very helpful. Needles to say the set up was all go go go! With the timeframe we had to set up, so many things to place on each table and the installation of the suspended foliage across the top of the barn was no mean feat to be totally honest!
The ceremony set up was very simple with white urns filled with orchids, and in between large silver lanterns with pillar candles.
Two large vases filled with roses and lillies sat on the tables, with glass floating candles.
Pillar candles were placed around the wishing well, that sits between the ceremony and reception.
The reception set up- Entrance table with huge glass bowls of more orchids.
We also hung glass balls and filled them with candles and flowers.
 I could absolutely not have pulled this one off myself! I had a small team of very hard workers who were just as dedicated as me in achieving the best result…thanks so much guys x
This is the beautiful bride and groom just as they entered the reception to see the set up for the first time. There were happy tears and lots of hugs kisses and thank you’s! Great moment, this makes it all so totally worth it!
A huge thank you to my gorgeous niece Tarah who not only helped with the set up but managed to snap all of these pictures.

Gold Metallic Watercolour Invitations

As promised here are the original gold metallic watercolour invites.
In my previous post on the blue invites, it occurred to me that I have not posted here about this design.
I really love this simple modern feel with the splash of colour, its great for so many styles of wedding or events.





This is the yellow watercolour variation, which I think is equally beautiful!

Blue Ombre Watercolour Wedding Invitations

I am happy to say that this design is the most popular of all the designs I have produced.
In the last few months I have customised this particular design 3 ways now.
The original design was hand painted with gold metallic watercolour paint ( of which I have totally forgotten to post! Will do asap!) the second was in a canary yellow to co ordinate with a spring beach wedding, and this one…although I don’t have a picture of the whole lot, my client told me her bridesmaids were in three different shades of blue, so  I created three shades of this blue in a teal, light blue and dark blue. This one pictured is the teal.
In order to shave the budget, this particular set was digitally water coloured.
I can safely say that the bride and her guests loved receiving them.


Werribee Mansion Woodlands Shoot

Hello! I’m back after a lovely break celebrating Christmas and the New Year with family and friends.
I ma very excited to share with you what I have been up to over the past month or so.
To begin with, this styled shoot!
I had the pleasure of working with the very talented and sweetest photographer Marisa from Cadence and Grace on this beautiful shoot at the equally stunning Werribee Mansion and surrounding grounds.
I have been wanting to style a shoot using this amazing frame for a while, so when Marisa and I were brainstorming ideas, this venue came to mind and it was perfect for this style of shoot.
I just love this frame and the area. If you look closely enough in the background you may see a few giraffes or rhinos getting around. This is the Werribee Zoo.
After some foraging that morning the lovely florist Blush Floral Design came along and blew us away with the amazing flowers we used on the day, which was a lot of fun setting up.
The table for two was set very simply with blush coloured flowers, peach and red tapered candles and a gold sequined table cloth to add a little sparkle.
The stunning dress is designed by Eva Q a fashion designer who has some wonderful and unique designs.




Stationery was designed by me!

The very grand and pretty cake was made by Pratty Cake


Beautiful hair and make up was by from the work of LMC Hair and Make up

The final shot to end a great day shooting! This captures the scene right after one of my party pops went off!
For more pictures please head to Eco Brides where we have been featured!

A Very Cool 12th Birthday Party

As I write this I still cannot believe I now have a 12 year old! A tween! This should be the time where I start seeking advice from parents of children who have made it through these times….cause this party did not feel like what I thought a 12 year old party would be like! Don’t get me wrong my daughter and her friends are absolutely adorable and well mannered and behaved. But boy they know how to have a great time!

This was the type of party I wanted to be invited to!
The music selection, made by my daughter was rocking this house and I just wanted to break out some moves and dance with this bunch of party animals.


BUT, yes there is a BUT.
I was warned prior to the party that in no circumstances am I allowed to dance! OMG I am now officially NOT the cool mum I once was.
 How things change so fast.
Any how, if any of you readers have any tips for this uncool mum, I’d love to hear from you…I like to be prepared. 
 So this is what I produced, while fighting against time and Melbourne weather! I ran around like crazy getting everything set up before the guests started arriving.

I snapped these pictures and before you knew it my daughters guests were arriving and so was the storming weather.

I really enjoyed setting up this 3d paper backdrop during the day, its so easy, cheap and very relaxing too!
It poured down, along with thunder and lightning most of the night. There were squeals from the girls, but most of all they all had a ball dancing in the rain and enjoying each others company.

The gorgeous lemon cake was made by the ever gracious and lovely lady from Pops by Eve.
I topped the  cake with yummy baked doughnuts made by the lovely The Dessert Parlour


Our party has been featured over on Oh Its Perfect, please head over and have a look it has oodles of inspiration too!

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